​'Anne Vanschothorst's music is an antidote

to the present !'  Sonograma Magazine

'Anne's compositions have a lot of space to play around with, where you want to put each note, and that's what music is all about !'

Josh Layne  #harptuesday

You Play i listen !


'A moody scene where the muted brass perfumes Vanschothorst's air conditioned- cool underpinnings with a mixture of unfiltered cigarette smoke and lavender.'

– All About Jazz

Where's Mo?

Music is my true love and beyond (a) belief : my harp is my heart, my companion / i liberate her sound and she gives voice, makes sense and directs my life. Creating something new in my own beautiful world, my queendom is the ultimate freedom to express myself. In surrender to  the enchanted dance with the strings i can feel my harp/body and soul resonating, my  breathing is my metronome and guide. I live a (day)dream during improv. and (instant) composition, i go with the flow, i have such a strong connection with my instrument. And sometimes there are these precious moments that i have an open mind, i feel one with the music as if i am truly awake : i am sensitive and focused at the same time when i want to touch the perfect. With music and love i would like to invite the listener to join me in my world of harp and soul. ― I am deeply moved when other artists give my music wings and it really touches me to the core when my harp and soul are truly known. For now i feel like a sculptor in an atelier, rather than a performer who needs a stage, i know my way .. life is good !

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