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♫ Imagine Peace - AV

♫ Marion Bloem, Poet

#imagine #peace

"Het doet me goed dat steeds meer mensen zich door haar laten raken. Ik vond jouw muziek er natuur-lijk bij passen. Niet te lief, maar de rouwheid die ik ook bij Emily lees."

Adrie Lint -


"That I Did Always Love

is beautiful and striking;
the author, aware of the importance that women have had in this process
of transmission of the sensitive world, has composed a work of
sound art with music
and words of the spirit."


Núria Serra, Sonograma


has distilled the essence

of Dickinson's sensibility

into the mesmerizing

That I Did Always Love."

Ron Schepper, Textura


My perspective on Life is coming from another realm, almost;      Poetry is my awareness of the world, my perception; i live inside Music, my sacred space where i feel at home / the soul search and artistic exploration of a Harpist in a Landscape, with the desire to locate Beauty & the fantastically Weird, go beyond sound and the stringed instrument.        Reinventing language while redefining the harp and rethinking the stage is inspiring : a remarkable sonorous world with wondrous flora and fauna is created through poetic imagination, a new dialect is spoken, all-embracing. Above all, it leads me to my Muse.  'The mere sense of living is Joy enough'. 

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