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I am a harpist in a Landscape - Anne Vanschothorst

The poet of the harp music [..]

​Anne Vanschothorst writes poetry, makes imaginary sound-sculptures & landscapes with her harp (Muziekweb) ; compositions in which each note accentuates the surrounding silence and vice versa. (Jazz Mozaiek)        Such efficient and impressive music, every note counts, touches... i find that daring and moving for that matter too. (Lex Bohlmeijer)     Striking is the wonderful minimalist and subtle film music. (De Volkskrant)      Anne travels solo in this enchantingly beautiful modern 'Alice in wonderland' like fairy tale ; during this enriching & transforming sound search, for herself and the listener, she discovers unique stories to tell. (                       Do yourself a favour and listen to Anne Vanschothorst's beautiful harp compositions accompanying Antjie Krog's poetry.      Hauntingly beautiful. (Annemarié van Niekerk, book reviewer at Trouw)        Those scant, long-flared notes sound like musical abstractions. (NIEUWE NOTEN)

Die Tongvis Animation @ Weimar Poetry Film Festival

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vir Simone Cilliers Jonker (1957-2023) dogter van Ingrid Jonker
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film music for EYE Filmmuseum 
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