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"Kunst gibt nicht das sichtbare wieder, sondern macht sichtbar."  -Paul Klee

While doing research to the modernist style period, concerning philisophers and poets, i am also diving into the visual arts. I feel inspired to play with the modernists ; even- though the ground breaking works of art were created a century ago, the concept is up to date. One can still feel the avant garde in it. I really appreciate this era ; my home/studio (1927) is also inspired by the modernist design values / the minimalist music i compose is based on patterns figures, textures that are found in architecture, visual art, poetry and nature. My mystical harp merges the mundane, the profane and the sacred, into lyrical tone poems. 

"A line is a dot that went for a walk."  -Paul Klee

I feel affinity to inspired artists, like Paul Klee who is also in favor of the imagination of a child, the fantastically weird, the surreal. He wanted to embrace the anima mundi with his work and at the same time he wandered in an in-between world,

Especially his angels speak loudly to me ; besides the simple linings, these amazing creatures have always been there while wondering and wandering as a harpist in a landscape.

How wonderful !

"April is the cruelest month, breeding lilacs out of the dead land"  -T.S. Eliot

As a natural introvert I resonate deeply with the poet... that's why I want to explore the spiritual relation between 'The Wasteland', the soulful angels of Paul Klee, and my 47strings. I am looking forward to be guided by the Celestial and the garden spirits, my intuition. I will tap into my harp and soul to find allignment with the visuals that are (un)seen, the words that are (un)said and (un)spoken, the sound of the poetry will come to me as soon as i am ready to hear the music. it is such an exciting adventure - based on my inner-knowing, curiosity and imagination, that the legendary words, the heartfelt voice, the intriguing poetry shall invite the harp to join this inspirational dance of the muses.

For now : everything is possible !  

To be contunued,

.. with music & love


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