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"Kunst gibt nicht das sichtbare wieder, sondern macht sichtbar."  -Paul Klee

While doing research to the modernist style period, concerning philisophers and poets, i am also diving into the visual arts. I feel inspired to play with the modernists ; even- though the ground breaking works of art were created a century ago, the concept is up to date. One can still feel the avant garde in it. I really appreciate this era ; my home/studio (1924) is also inspired by the modernist design values / the minimalist music i compose is based on patterns figures, textures that are found in architecture, visual art, poetry and nature. My mystical harp merges the mundane, the profane and the sacred, into lyrical tone poems.   

"A line is a dot that went for a walk."  -Paul Klee

I feel affinity to inspired artists, like Paul Klee who is also in favor of the imagination of a child, the fantastically weird, the surreal. He wanted to embrace the anima mundi with his work and at the same time he wandered off in an in-between world, Especially his angels speak loudly to me ; besides the simple linings, these amazing creatures have always been there while wondering & wandering. Reflecting. Experiencing. Then this sensational clarity !

How wonderful !

"April is the cruelest month, breeding lilacs out of the dead land"  -T.S. Eliot

As a natural introvert I resonate deeply with the poet ... that's why I want to explore the spiritual relation between 'The Wasteland', the soulful angels of Paul Klee, and my 47strings. I am looking forward to be guided by the Celestial and the garden spirits, my intuition. I will tap into my harp and soul to find allignment with the visuals that are (un)seen, the words that are (un)said and (un)spoken, the sound of the poetry will come to me as soon as i am ready to hear the music. it is such an exciting adventure - based on my inner-knowing, curiosity and imagination, that the legendary words, the heartfelt voice, the intriguing poetry shall invite the harp to join this inspirational dance of the muses.

"Literature is there for everybody. There is no gate, no lock, no bolt that you can set upon the freedom of my mind."  -Virginia Woolf

Finally I have read 'A room of one's own' by Virginia Woolf. She writes with amazing clarity, such a brave woman! At the moment i am experiencing 'the living mountain' of Nan Shepherd. I am eager to learn about nature as the embodyment of poetry, and what the living mountain represents to me personally. Firstly I will go on an imaginary hike and follow Nan's trail next to my own artistic route. In the meantime i am taking note of my steps during the making off process. It all starts with a lot of reading. this time my new project begins in my head, thinking, contemplating. Learning. 

Wee seeds are planted. My hands will know when the time is right to make the music.

"I have walked out of the body and into the mountain."  -Nan Shepherd

As a harpist in a landscape I shall bring my 32strings from the Lowlands to the Highlands. Next time in Scotland we shall travel to the North where i will actully experience the poetry (the place where harp and soul are one) of the trailblazing Nan Shepherd. I am dreaming my new project into shape. Visioning a short film, an album inspired by nature, the living mountain / my inner mountain, texts, (free) improvisation, collabs with amazingly creative musicians and my favorite record label. I already can hear Paul Klee's Angels talking in a whimsical manner, with a mind of their own to the modernist poet and the mountaineer. I just have to be present to receive the inspiration and translate, transform their magic into another language. It is a bliss to work with these grant works of art ! 

"Through art humankind expresses hope. Everything else is irrelevant. All that which doesn’t express hope and isn’t built on a spiritual foundation has nothing to do with art.” 
-Andrei Tarkovski

As art is spiritual, i name my work harPrayers or harPoems. Meditative, mystical music that complement the visuals, the audio and the texts. In Switzerland i started composing myself, harpless, but with keys of happiness. 

The 'Emily Dickinson bible' is very helpfull in finding the right words, guiding me through outer and inner feelings; she presents a strong religiosity towards nature in her poems, and shares her love for the hills she saw from her writing room. I am comprehending the poetry, eventhough their grant majesty could be overwhelming, the mystical feeling is magnificently delicious. Now, i can hear the 'joyful mountain landscape' singing. Now, i know what the Angels of Paul Klee and T.S Eliot are talking about. Now, i can feel 'The living Mountain' unfolding through my hands. My senses are heightened. Meanwhile, i have

opened a window ... in divine timing the muses shall join me...

"It will do you no harm to find yourself ridiculous. Resign yourself to be the fool

you are. We must always take risks. That is our destiny.”  -T.S. Eliot

Contemplating 'The Wasteland' next to my own beautiful world is both intruiging and challenging. Luckily there are angels and harp music. It raises questions about living in freedom and a privilged life in peace at my loving home with a wonderful enchanted garden. About going places. Taking risks without compromising, being a glorious fool.
I make choises in life that are heart based and that come from my inner-peace and joy that lead to happiness. Of course there is shadow work and there are dark places, yet nothing that i cannot handle. Because i got this, i feel my way through it. And after all, all is well. It raises another question about sharing contrasting feelings. I am hesitant giving to much attention towards the things, events that are emotionally challenging, due to the fact that what one pays attention to grows. I have a strong believe about the Dutch saying "shared sorrow is half sorrow", therefore i am careful about my thoughts and actions / am i inspired or am i reacting on default? As soon as i am in allignment with my beloved inner mountain i am able to pronounce the proper words. As soon as i am able to make sense,
i shall hear the music / in the mean time i am having fun improvising. 

Playing outside is fun! It evokes the childlike imagination, whilst connecting the dots with my 47 strings.

To be continued,

.. with music & love


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