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The poet of the harp music [..]

​Anne Vanschothorst writes poetry, makes imaginary sound-sculptures & landscapes with her harp (Muziekweb) ; compositions in which each note accentuates the surrounding silence and vice versa. (Jazz Mozaiek)       Such efficient and impressive music, every note counts, touches... i find that daring and moving for that matter too. (Lex Bohlmeijer)    Striking is the wonderful minimalist and subtle film music. (De Volkskrant)          In this very beautiful enchanting, modern fairy-tale book, kind of Alice in wonderland, Anne travels solo ; during this enriching sound search - for herself and the listener - she discovers unique stories to tell. (Nadelunch.com)                Do yourself a favour and listen to Anne Vanschothorst's beautiful harp compositions accompanying Antjie Krog's poetry. Hauntingly beautiful. (Annemarié van Niekerk, book reviewer at Trouw)         Those scant, long-flared notes sound like musical abstractions. (NIEUWE NOTEN)

AV (The Netherlands) is a landscape music composer, minimal harp pioneer and multi-media artist exploring creativity in applied music, film and spoken word — using overdub and making sound sculptures with 47strings ;           60x60  'EK IS EIK' have made an unique sound-mark in modern (harp) music. Beautiful World goes beyond the beaten track / it is crossing borders via art fusion = the wondrous synergy between the (fantastically) weird and the unheard, the unseen, the unspoken, and recognized as 'post-ECM spaciousness'. 'klip lied snaar' is the artist's harPoetry debut album. The bundle and CD are noticed as 'an unique translation' by the 'Tijdskrif vir Geesteswetenskappe'. A foreign PhD researcher is investigating 'the relationship between art and the landscape'; the article will be based on AV's landscape music philosophy. The producer of abstract music from 'the low lands' is member of LandscapeMusic.org - founded by American composer, librettist, and multimedia artist Nell Shaw Cohen

For harpandsoul.com Anne received international critical acclaim as an audio-visual producer. Multiple video-concepts are on the Stingray TV channels playlists.         

Sonic landscapes (sometimes augmented with electronic effects) often evolve into music for in-a-room, film and spoken word | museum Boijmans van Beuningen, Museon, Museum Jan Cunen, Bonn Landes Museum, Gucci, Studio Drift, dutch IGLOO, Ateles Films, NFF, Pathe, Kino London, Tropfest New York, PBS, Discovery Communications (OWN, Animal Planet, TLC, travel ao), NPO, Christian Thompson, Amy Bell & Valentina Golfieri, Willem Samuel, Antjie Krog, Ingrid Jonker - to name a few.      This inventive, timeless, stilled, poetic, dreamy, mystical yet edgy sonic universe next to the existing harp planet and music world, proves that Anne's harp is a style of its own -  indicates that her unique voice is a new chapter in music history.

Many (inter)national musicians have added the written notes scores to their repertoire / you play i listen playlist \ Jeroen van Vliet piano can be heard in UTOPIA. Harpist Josh Layne also gives words and wings to Anne's compositions. The poet of the harp music has a specific dialect - as can be read in her credo - to empower her identity and affirm the character of the harp and soul - productions / to fabrik sonic art and other tactiles that come from the HARPlab. Online media platforms like 'sonic imagination' and offline landscapes are incredibly inspiring and the obvious modern formats to create and share new work.              'STILL LIFE(sculptural video & sound installation) = Bronwyn Lace + Antjie Krog + AV // the online collaboration is offline exhibited and co-curated by artist William Kentridge & Animateur Phala Ookeditse Phala during Season 7 - 2021 at 'the centre for the less good idea' in Johannesburg. Diek Grobler - visual artist and animator - transformed the 'harp and soul' production 'transparant van die tongvis', written and read in Afrikaans by Antjie Krog and translated into English by Denis Hirson, into animated poetry. The 'Pater Noster' harPoetry movie is selected, screened and talked about in the virtual listening room during the 'International Alliance for Women in Music' conference 2022. A new album (2023) is in the making in collab. with PARMA Recordings


'High end audio engineering.'  9/10


'There is a stunning soundtrack quality to Anne Vanschothorst's music, but that should be no surprise as she has been called upon to provide such to the visual arts.'   


'Many of the miniatures remind me of Erik Satie -- not that her music is in his style, but that both composers so thoroughly explore an artfully restricted sonic universe -- in which chords and single melodic lines appear in alternation and at a pace slow enough to experience them almost as if they were sounding sculptures.' 


'I saw her literally dancing through the room. I love how it goes with intervals, one sees her standing still and then she gets moving again, i really experienced that all of a sudden 'la petite danseuse' stepped out of her glass case as that happens at night in a museum when the lights go down. Now we witnessed it ourselves, how very beautiful indeed!' 


LORI LIEBERMAN  (singer/songwriter (Killing Me Softly a.o.)

'Anne Vanschothorst is such an amazing and passionate artist / she makes impressively beautiful music, just love it !' 



'Extremely beautiful music !'   


'The sonic landscapes are a structured but dream-like realm of enchantment, a freely unfolding exotic sort of classical ambiance of mood and expressivity, a sort of post-ECM spaciousness. Her playing is authoritative, precise and expressive. Anne's best work so far.'


"Your composition gives exactly the feeling i am looking for; melancholic and yet free."  


'Anne's music is an antidote to the present'


'Anne takes us by the hand to see all that is beautiful around us, and what a marvel it is !  9/10'   


'Anne Vanschothorst plays with a confident virtuosity that fully animates the extraordinary (and for me, unexpected) breadth of her instrument’s expressiveness.'   


'Anne puts more emotion into her harp than anyone we've ever heard before. The compositions on this album are smart, precise, reflective, exacting and purely beautiful.'  ★★★★★


'It is very striking how the music, especially in the animation by Aimée de Jongh, reinforces the emotions.' 


'Thanks to the amazingly beautiful harp music the moving pictures received extra motion.' 

'Anne is really living inside music - her perspective on many of our questions has a feeling of coming from another realm, almost. A realm I would certainly love to visit myself.'


'Fascinating soundscapes — simultaneously multifaceted and thoroughly cohesive, the music is beautifully written and performed, and well worth any open-eared listener’s attention.'


'Dear Anne, i went to listen to some of your music, and once again i am pleased to notice how the harp sends a strong message, all by itself ; whatever we play, it turns out as an expression of the profound human longing for beauty of peace, aren't we fortunate ?'