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THE BIRD DISTRICT  [.mp3 + .jpg + .html]
experience | installation: digital device/headphones/audio/photo/text


Q: what is my garden telling me ?
It is important to be aware that nature is blended in us human beings in order to find a balance, allignment, a (re)connection between nature and mankind. We are nature!

How can we take care of the earth, when we don't take care of ourselves and one another / how can we take care of ourselves and one another when we don't take care of the earth?

My garden is wild... 
how i love sounds of the whispering tree and the birds awakening... - in this field recording i wanted to capture the natural soundscapes around my house at The Bird District, The Hague / to look and listen beyond the obvious at my garden... there is such a magical microcosmos, a wondrous life of plants, trees, insects, birds outhere to discover!

finding: i/we are in constant change, my/our believes are evolving ... transforming ... my/our thoughts are expanding ... there is still an orchestra of birds - still singing loud and clearly - despite the decreasing insect population - the flowers are blooming and my tree is flourishing more than ever!   

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