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STILL LIFE  [.mp3 + .jpg + html] 
experience | installation: digital device/headphones/audio/photos/text

Q: how do I make myself visible ?
.. dreaming behind my harp is a magnificient escape into a marvelous world of discoveries .. an amazing sound search .. imagination takes me everywhere .. everything is possible .. t
he music i make is a reflection of what i see .. hear .. taste .. smell .. feel .. / my life experience  >> these seemingly innocent yet clear impressions inspire!          >>  discovering new sounds in my instrument and creating my own harp language is how i connect with the world / music is connected to society .. the world we live in ..   i am living inside the music .. another realm ..  .. with my 47strings in a room : a fantasticly weird (linguistic) landscape or place / captured as still lifes my harp and soul scapes    >>  thanks to the (un)seen - the (un)spoken - the (un)named - creativity unfolds and constellations arise!  

finding: by placing a harpist in a landscape the entity of the room alters and the moving images transform into a still life

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