tzt vertaling en stroomlijning 

harPoetry : music = poetry
And Poetry is Music - a language that evokes the landscape of the universal and imaginary, therefore music unites ; we all are music as it were. Music and Poetry are existential. A concept of life. Utmost profound and everywhere. Music is everything and everything is music ; to be touched by the unsaid and infinity of for example a majestic whispering oak tree, wondrous bird talk and the silence of an amazing landscape make absolutely sense - how wonderful ! My passion, desire, restlessness, insecurity, despair (life is really felt in absence) are filtered in the serenity of my harp talk. Heart/soul, time, space and silence are essential (without silence no music !), so one can escape into the music, another reality, an alternative beautiful (dream) world and maybe even unravel the mystery of life or may find fudge ;)


Imaginative and effective chosen words that express introspection or come from intuition define poetry. I have an inner knowing about harPoetry = harp + (spoken) Poetry ; spoken word combined with harp-sounds alter the reality of the original music and text in a soulful and wondrous way. Such a touching and vulnerable synergy has arisen between the tone of vocals and the singing harp. My instrument almost sounds like a human voice that speaks enigmatic words and yet a recognizable language that touches the essence within the listener : the longing for beauty and peace.

gedachten sprongen - sober en soepel

(i will eloborate idt)

Landscape Music : nature = music
And Music is Nature. Between nature and music there is a mysterious, irreplaceable and eternal mystical connection. Besides conducting a symphony of sounds, nature gives, just like music, a source of inspiration and a place to be yourself. ― Like a sculptor as it were i shape sounds into cinematic imagery with the intent to move the listener. I am a strong believer in the power of landscape music, stilled music that evokes and reflects nature, the internal (psyche/soul) & external landscape (natural/cultural) and place (topography) we are moving in. I translate my thoughts and feelings into a minimal and poetical note-score, that comes from my joy for life and strong desire to experience and share beauty and consolation.


visual poems

when my landscape music blends in perfect harmony with poetry .. with nature, landscape and place .. a visual poem arises .. (i will eloborate idt)


​(HARP)music fused with other art-forms fabriks another sound - motion - shape - color - vision, therefore i use the trial/error method for (free)improv., sound art experiments, spoken and written word (poetry) & (modern) visual art @ my HARPlab., where music becomes visible, tactile, moving or a speaking voice and visual art audible. Seemingly unusual ARTfusions trigger innovation, when different worlds meet, exciting new ideas and cutting-edge formats might happen and appear to be of added value. These try-outs inspire to learn and renew my work without artistic compromise, to remain the integrity of the productions. Even-though i take a step back regularly to review and reflect, i am on a constant sound-search - a life-long journey - to go further and forth.

 © 2020 Anne Vanschothorst -- composer & producer | Harp and Soul Productions

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