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HEAR ME [.mp3 + .jpg + .html] 
experience | installation: digital device/headphones/audio/photos/text

Q: where do I stand as an artist ?

Since i learned to embrace my inner surrealism my home is filled with music, the poetry of daily life, stillness ; a loving place where i am at ease enough to be foolish and ridiculous, to feel inspired and creative... such an amazing garden for a profane late bloomer like me to grow and blossom... i am the luckiest 'weltfremd' bird on earth... i am flying high !

As an artist i contemplate life, i know my way : i dream beauty & peace.


Why-do they shut Me out of Heaven?  Did I sing-too loud?
~ Emily Dickinson

When there is injustice, exclusion, and/or well-being at stake, one should speak up to give voice and make noise to break the silence, to change for the better, to transform the world in a just and livable place. This thought invites artists to be politically and socially aware. However, the responsibility and choice are ours ; it implicates that we actually have freedom of speech. 



They shut me up in Prose – 
~ Emily Dickinson


During today's contrasting situations i/we (experimenters and explorers) could consider to develop the courage to share powerful, inspiring messages in an original (visual) language that empowers and transcends the daily life, based on experience and inner wisdom. I translate my thoughts and feelings into a meditative and poetical note-score, poetry rebels against conventions, with complementary pictures, that come from my strong desire to make connection, to make myself seen, heard and named / when we appreciate our journey and navigate through our (inner) landscapes with curiosity and playfulness, we can indeed take better care of each other and our amazing planet - our fragile future ! 


What kind of writer am I?  With all this love and no words for it?

~ Anne Sexton

It takes emotional alignment to find the clear & accurate, loving and solving words that resonate and inspire to envision a peaceful green world, related to the grand topics like war and climate change and the disconnect within and between humans, and (re)connection between man and nature, at the right place at the right time. To reflect where i stand in society, i engage with those who act in the arts as a 'journalist', a truth seeker, or an activist poet.


Feet, what do I need them for. If I have wings to fly.
~ Frida Kahlo

The emotions and feelings that one experiences - and which can normally be captured in words and sentences - are processed by my brain from an early age through my body, with all its consequences. / This delay in processing makes me falter, sometimes it can be disorienting, and it can even hurt me physically. The frequency of music helps me to express what I initially had no words for. It helps me to féél better, feel bétter. Art is Freedom, all is possible!
Through my imagination i take flight ; my (inner) strings make way for me to transcend and transform into a magician \ i become who i am. / To feel outstanding i escape into my harp and soul to have impact, to be creative, to make music and love, and to share beauty and consolation in the world.

In other words:

Today I am Bird
my voice is heard
with harp and soul 
- a voice beyond
words and
the unspoken
- i come to my senses
and dream
to shape reality -

i believe i can fly !


finding:  Words matter ! Language please ! / I know my way ..     

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