pjotr van schothorst photography

installation: headphones/audio/photographs/text

When there is injustice, one should speak up to give voice and make noise to break the silence, to make change, to transform the world in a just and livable place. This thought invites artists to be politically and socially aware in their work. / I translate my thoughts &feelings into a minimal and poetical note-score, that comes from my desire to make connection, to make myself seen, heard and named >> my (inner) landscapes could indeed inspire to take better care of our amazing planet, our fragile future! This abstract idea comes from an introverted person   >>>   it takes emotional allignment to find the right solving words to envision a better world, related to the grand topics like climate change and (re)connection between man & nature, on the right platform at the right time   >>>   i admire the noble ones who act in the arts as a musical journalist, a wise philosopher or an activist poet   >>>  however i really need the escape into my harp and soul to feel my very best to have impact, to be creative, to make music and love, and to share beauty and consolation in the world. I know my way .. life is good !              ​—AV