'We see hopeful

initiatives everywhere
if we look closely

around us.
And we hear

more and more
people asking 

for a




is the time

to turn the tide.'

Joke J. Hermsen

joke hermsen - koos van breukel.jpg

Koos Breukel - auteursfoto Joke J. Hermsen

Amor Mundi is an initiative of author and philosopher Joke J. Hermsen and visual artist Jaap de Jonge, inspired by the ideas of Hannah Arendt. The Amor Mundi Foundation organizes lectures, symposia, exhibitions, workshops, in which philosophy and literature are linked to political involvement and artistic commitment. In addition, Amor Mundi tries to support the cultural sector through a patronage. Amor Mundi unites authors, speakers, alumni and other interested parties who want to discuss the world together, because: 'The world and the people who inhabit it do not coincide; it lies among the people. 'The world only becomes human when we discuss it among equals.' Hannah Arendt

 © 2020 Anne Vanschothorst -- composer & producer | Harp and Soul Productions

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