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SPACE ODDITY 1  [.mp3 + .jpg + .html]
experience | installation: digital device/headphones/audio/photos/text


Q: how profound is land art ?
Next to making (motion)pictures in my studio i like to visualize my harp in an actual landscape. My harp and soul / every now and then in perfect harmony with our wonderful world \ another realm / a dreamscape \ are captured in (motion) pictures to complement and strengthen the landscape music. I want to experience the art work in the context of the landscape. How are the space, clouds, seasons, playing and interacting with the land art. I want to feel the impressiveness of the building. And I want to hear the sounds of the landscape. Is there a musical riff, a pattern, a rhythm, a melody, a groove, a bass line? Are there birds singing? Or is the wind hauling? Or can I hear the silence? How does it look like? How does it fit in or not? How does the landscape smell? Does the art work speak to me? When all my senses are open my creativity can unfold. It is incredibly inspiring to visit such an amazing work as Bob Gramsma's
'Riff, PD#18245'. It is very evocative. It is impressive. It is fantastic. It is moving. It has soul. I can sense the artist in the work. It is expressive. It is emotional. It is music. Riff is to me the melody or the other instrument next to or on top of, or in duet with my meditative minimal harp basis with an edgy exterior and inviting interior that gives perspective and a new interesting point of view when you are on top of Riff. To me being with my harp next to Bob's work brought me instant inspiration, instant music, my harp helps me to secure that precious moment in music, and in a 'harp and soul scape'.


I wanted to capture my harp in a landscape again. I already knew the Aardzee because I pictured myself there with my harp years ago. One day I found myself randomly googling and I found out about Land Art Flevoland, how exciting indeed .. but I did not realize that Riff was part of that project, it felt like I discovered a true gem. My first intention was to explore all art works in one day with my camera and my harp but we ended up for hours by the first land art work we visited – Riff by Bob Gramsma. And then – all of a sudden it was too late to visit the others. As if it was meant be. I had a complete and fulfilling experience with this particular work, i am very thankful for that.

Artistic expressions in public space or in a landscape make art accessible to everyone. A chance meeting with the art work could be evocative, and might even trigger a transformation within the spectator. It invites us to see and experience an alternative reality, because the place, the landscape has changed / the grand art work in the room alters the expectations of the 'normal' and creates a new story, or fantasy land, something out of the ordinary, an amazing escape into another world.

How does one experience, feel this change, this alien thing, weird and unfamiliar? Does one embrace it with open mind, heart or is it scary to look at, or both? The art work can lead to conversation about imagination. Imagination sharpens the empathetic ability.


finding: the importance of Art, Land Art Flevoland and culture in general is that it gives us a practice in empathy, curiosity and innovation.

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