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Between nature and music there is a mysterious, irreplaceable and eternal mystical connection. Besides conducting a symphony of sounds, nature gives, just like music, a source of inspiration and a place to be oneself.

The movie is all about translations and transformations through art fusion. Landscapes have their own language and are inspiring. The flying birds give direction and reflect time. The clouds are translated into images, actual words: a written Dutch poem translated in English, and music. My harp almost sounds like a human voice that speaks enigmatic words and yet a recognizable language that touches the essence within the listener / harPoetry is a voice beyond words. This fusion of arts transforms reality.

more birds bring more happiness                                

The low lands are very photo genic indeed, the solitude and serenity of the motion pictures are beautifully captured by Pjotr van Schothorst. The landscape music video premiered 22 April 2021 online, in collaboration with Nell Shaw Cohen founder on the platform of the US composers network to celebrate international Earth

It really feels appropriate to add 'De Wolken' of Dutch poet Martinus Nijhoff to the visuals, in both Dutch and English, because i appreciate the wonder of poetry and clouds very much. I am happy that i found out about the translation of 'The Clouds' by
John Irons - the English text is in such a wonderful synergy with the Dutch language that it actually completes the original poem. 

video stills

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