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"The second program opened with Anne Vanschothorst's haunting 'Paternoster', in which she vocalized by spitting out rhythmic lines as delicate waves of harp playing, and gentle visual animations rolled past."

Christina Rusnak, IAWM conference report

Imaginative and effective chosen words that express introspection or come from intuition define poetry. I have a strong inner knowing about harPoetry = harp + (spoken) Poetry ; spoken word combined with harp-sounds alter the reality of the original music and text in a soulful and wondrous way. Such a touching and vulnerable synergy has arisen between the tone of vocals and the singing harp. My instrument almost sounds like a human voice that speaks enigmatic words and yet a recognizable language that touches the essence within the listener / harPoetry is a voice beyond words, that's why i am with the poet . 

The poem PATERNOSTER is an affirmation that every (wo)man should hear. These transformative words inspire, activate and empower, especially as read by the South-African Antjie Krog! / The video has English subtitles so everyone can understand and enjoy the poetry. 

Antjie Krog =

paternoster (Afrikaans/English) 
Antjie Krog

Willem Samuel

ek staan op 'n moerse rots.wav  
klip lied snaar : voordrag van gedigte en harpmusiek ft. Antjie Krog
Anne Vanschothorst


video stills


first sketches

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